Essayruler Review

Info about site

If you were hoping to find a writing service that produces great quality every time, then you have just found one. You may discover that some companies do not offer custom written content, but this service does. Using templates is not something they do, even though it would make their job easier. Knowing that you may deal with the company in a secure setting is very important. They have set up security measures to be sure your work cannot be stolen when in transit. If you have a problem or a question, then you will find a very dedicated team of professionals to help you. They will handle your query or problem quickly and find a quick resolution to your problem.



It is hard to pick fault with the usability of the website in any shape, size or form. Like many of the essay services we review, there are no hidden conditions. They have not sneaked in a few hidden conditions in the small print or on cloaked pages on the site. This website is not just offering you a writing service, they clearly describe what you get for your money. And, essay ruler give you options so that you may get just what you want for your money. The company has a very well designed website, which is always good, as the scammers tend to have cheaper and more poorly made websites (this is not one of them).



Their prices are fantastic, are very reasonable considering the fact that they allow you to pick your deadline. You will pay less provided that you do not need your paper urgently, as they charge increasingly less for longer deadlines. You will find that you will have to pay more for higher level papers because the writers demand more money for them. On the website, you will find a project quote tool, and index, and this will help you figure out how much your project will cost. Each student’s project will cost less if each student request fewer pages for their writing project. Less money is required to buy a lower scoring paper than it is to purchase a higher scoring paper.


Discounts and Freebies

You get 18% off of your first order if you use the discount code “custom18.” Having a free starter discount is a very nice introduction to the service. You also get free formatting, a free bibliography and a free outline. You can send it back as many times you like for amendments and they will not charge you extra. If you decide to order 1-51 pages, then you will receive a rather reasonable 5% discount. Buy 51-100 pages for your essay or writing project, and get the ten percent discount. Get a reasonable fifteen percent discount if you order 101+ pages, which is quite a drop in price over all.


Support for customers

The support system on the website is very well maintained, which means you may get your answers very quickly. They have a live chatting capacity you can use to contact the site. They have individuals waiting all day and most of the night for people to contact them. You may also reach them via the site and get an email message in response. You are able to call the organization on the phone if you really need a response immediately, or in the event that you feel that your query is time sensitive. The site has a very lot of pertinent information on it, so read through the data, text and articles on the web pages before making online contact with the support staff by means of the site.


Additional Features

The great number of writers they have means they are able to complete a wide number of written tasks. It also means they are more reliable as they always have staff members waiting in the wings. They work on dissertations as readily as they work on term papers. They are a well known company that is used by the academic community, but most of it custom comes from students. They pride themselves on their discount system and the fact that they are able to take on just about any academic written task at affordable prices for a students’ budget.